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    Bluetooth Tower Specification

    1.拨动铁塔底部开关,调至中间APP模式 1.Switch the button at the bottom of the tower to APP mode. 2.打开手机蓝牙并连接“SHH” 2.Open the bluetooth on your phone and connect “SHH”. 3.打开“BLE Light”app 3.Open “BLE Light” APP. 4.点左上角按钮,添加新设备“BCDHP” 4.Click the upper left corner, add new device“BCDHP” 5.自由滑动切改变颜色 5.Slide screen to change color. 下载方法 Download method 打开苹果商店或安卓应用市场并下载“BLELight”,或点下面的按钮直接下载(安卓版请用浏览器打开此网页下载...