Cool 100% Cotton 3D T-Shirt

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material 100% cotton
logo customized



EL T-shirt is a shirt with the flashing EL logos.Some EL shirts light up automatically by the existing program,

others move to the beat of the sound,like the music from your stereo at home,or concerts,parties or even raves!

EL T-shirt is as the latest Technology!These fancy animated electro-luminescent T-shirt are awesome for Rave

parties,Night-clubs,fancy dress promotions and special occasions etc.


     MUSIC active EL T-shirt

1.Check if the connector clip firmly
2.Take out the battery pack from the pocket inside
   the shirts
3.Slide open the battery compartment and insert
   4AAA batteries,make sure to follow the correct
4.Switch on,and adjust the sensitivity controller on
   side of the battery pack to match the music well

     Normal flashing EL T-shirt

1.Check if the connector between the panel and the
   cable clip firmly
2.Slide open the battery compartment and insert 2AA
   batteries,make sure to follow the correct polarity
3.a.Switch the button to "BI",The panel will automatically
   light up with 8 different flash sequences.
   b.Switch the button to "Cn",The panel will flash with 8
   different flash sequences by pressing another button


T-shirts without Velcro:
Hand wash ONLY
Attention that EL panel is not water-proof,
Do not submerge ANY part of the flash panel

T-shirt with Velcro:
1.Take a part the connectors
2.Remove the inverter,cable and flash panel out
   of the T-shirt carefully,not to bend the EL panel
   excessively,not to break the Zebra Paper
3.Hand wash or machine wash

                             Men style:                                      Women Style                                  Children Style
                Height      Chest      Waist              Height      Chest      Waist                         Height      Chest    
S     (cm)    133           99            97                 112           96           90             5-6(yrs)      92            72     
M    (cm)    136          105          103                117          102          96            7-8 (yrs)       98            76
L     (cm)    141          110          108                122          108         102           9-10(yrs)     106           80
XL   (cm)   144           116          114                125          114         108          11-12(yrs)    104           84
XXL(cm)    147           122          120

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