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Light Up Flashing Kids LED Toy

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Beautiful design, smooth surface.
Customized size, logo, color and shape.
Good for promotion and gifts.

-Materials: Vinyl toy, LED Light, AG13 button battery
-Voltage: DC4.5V
-Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Colorful
-Mood lighting for adults or just fun for kids.
-The light that changes colour automatically. -Usage: For comfort, entertaining or just for fun. Wedding, bar, night entertainment places, promotions, decorations, business gifts, festive decorations, toys, advertising gifts, novelty stores

-These magical LED serials lights make a great night light for a child. They can be squeezed, dropped and are completely child safe.
-Alternatively they can be used as a unique relaxing table centre piece or mood light. Use them to illuminate a dinner table or add romantic lighting to a living room.
-Each light will glow and change, morphing through a spectrum of colours.
-Completely portable, the light comes with it's own batteries.
-Each light can be used anywhere including outdoors and is a much safer option than candles. 

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